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"Don's workouts teach fitness, durability, commitment, and sustainable health. It makes you a better person outside the gym. Over 5 years with Don and I consider him a mentor!" - Sam Steinfeld. Lost 17.2 lbs. Lost 5.7% bodyfat

"Pinnacle Fitness was an awesome choice! The trainers are always upbeat, motivating, knowledgeable, and encouraging! They really care and go above and beyond to help you achieve your goals. I Look forward to my workouts. They are always new and exciting! Personal trainer Abraham's passion for fitness and his commitment to his clients keeps me going!" Hillel Fischman. Lost 31.2 Lbs.

"Don is a trainer who works with you to really help you achieve your personal goals and gets you the Results you've always wished for!Shua P. Lost 14 lbs. Lost 2.5% bodyfat.

"I've been exercising and dieting for 2 years with no concrete results. And then I met Don. Don has been coaching me in nutrition and training me in exercise with his personable and motivating style. He continuously guides me to work harder within a range that I am physically capable of. I personally recommend Don to friends!"  S. Hamburger. Lost 9.4 lbs. Lost 4% Bodyfat.

"Ever since I started training with Don I've been able to reach my goals. He's the best all around trainer I've ever had!" - Leiby Lench.  Lost 20.2 lbs. and 7.3% bodyfat. 

"Words can't express enough. Don, your my motivator, trainer, and coach. 12 weeks, down 20lbs. and 5% bodyfat. I couldn't do it without you and Pinnacle as a team. Thanks for helping me be myself again." - Asher B. 

"Don's highly customized workouts along with his "personal touch" helped me achieve remarkable results in relatively short period. After a month, I am feeling stronger, healthier, more energized, alert, and confident!" - Michael Benedikt. Gained 2 lbs. muscle mass; increased muscular endurance by 60%, core endurance by 25%, and muscular strength by 23.5%

"Don is a wonderful trainer and motivator. His boot camp workouts produce real results!" - Hesh Lench. Lost 96.2 lbs.

"My experience with Pinnacle is awesome! coaching me through a nutrition/fitness program, I'm already feeling great and healthy, and of course I'm getting Results! Keep it up Don! David L. Lost 15 lbs. and 5.4% bodyfat

"With Don, you get things done!" - George T. Lost 40.8lbs. and 12.3% bodyfat. Gained 6.2 lbs. of muscle mass

"Pinnacle's goal is to reach each individual client's goal!" - J.D. Gained 5.8 lbs. muscle mass and 0.4 lbs. bone mass

"The group attitude and Don's exciting and intense class is the only way to change your life to a healthy one. This can't be done on your own. For overall fitness, you must try Bootcamp!" - Nehemiah P. Lost 24.8 lbs. and 8.3% bodyfat

"5 weeks and 10 sessions since I started training at Pinnacle Fitness with Don, and I couldn't be more pleased with the Results and the intensity of each training session. Pinnacle Fitness = Results!" Frank Champury. Lost 1.5% Bodyfat. Gained 4.8 lbs. muscle mass

"Personal training is great! I really enjoy it!" Shimon K. Lost 12 lbs. Lost 1.5% Bodyfat.


"Pinnacle Bootcamp is a great experience!" A. Bursztyn. Lost 11.8 lbs. Lost 3.5% Bodyfat.


"Great service!" Y. Auerbauch. Lost 31 lbs. Lost 10.6% Bodyfat.


"My experience training with Don has been nothing short of amazing! He's a great motivator and a great guy too!" Issac Markowitz. Lost 2.75 Bodryfat. Lost 5.8 lbs. 


" I've been working with Don for the past 7 months. I have never felt stronger and healthier. He motivates me and pushes me to do more! Thes best part is that he gets as excited for me to achieve my goals! At Pinnacle, they are all about getting you the maximum Results, and I am grateful for it!" Y. Margolese. Lost  11.4 lbs. Lost 2.7% Bodyfat.


"I want to thank Pinnacle for getting me past the first barrier to be driven in consistency to see amazing Results! Thank you Don. M. Stamler.  Lost 24 lbs. Lost 4.8% Bodyfat.

"Don is the best trainer I ever had and He gets Results while making it fun!" B. Cohn. Lost 9.6 lbs. Lost 3% bodyfat

"Don rocks!" Joe O. Lost 4.4 lbs. 2.2% bodyfat

"Want Results?! Don's Pinnacle Bootcamp is the way to roll!" A. Reich. Lost 53.8 lbs. Lost 9.2% bodyfat

"Want Results? Go to Don's Pinnacle Bootcamp!" Benjamin Goldberg. Lost 20 lbs.

"Pinnacle Bootcamp rocks the belly off!" Aaron Egert. Lost 7 lbs.

"Great company! I would highly recommend them!" J. Novoseller. Lost 16.2 lbs. Lost 5.5% bodyfat

"Pinnacle has given me a second chance in bodybuilding. It has helped me move farther forward with my workouts than I have ever been able to go." Joe Thompsett. Gained 4.4 lbs. muscle. Lost 2% bodyfat

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